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Compliment workouts and recover faster

Recovery after an intensive workouts can be tough. PowerDot features electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) programs for massage and recovery

Help reduce
pain and
muscle spasms

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a pain relief technology that involves the use of a mild electrical current.

There are Smart Pain Relief programs to relieve pain of different nature: acute, muscle, chronic, fracture, radiating, and joint pain.

Keep the blood flowing on a long flight

Long Haul Flight stimulation program helps to promote blood flow when you are sitting for a prolonged period of time

Custom recovery based on your sport activity

Smart Recovery program generation based on activity metrics retrieved from fitness services integrated into PowerDot app

Keep up with
the community

See the latest news and updates from PowerDot. Get inspired by professional athletes and coaches

Putting all together

We built the underlying infrastructure that includes multiple backends and frontend, web forums, BI tools and analytics, integration with fitness services

run2bikes, 08/07/2020


Amazingly strong TENS. So versatile, with many set programs which you can modify or create your own. I have bought many TENS units over the year, some expensive, and none can compare to what this unit can do. Very satisfied and would recommend

EFH62, 02/17/2021

Very easy to use

I find the app very easy to use. It also contains great educational info, plus pad placement suggestions for the various muscle groups