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Polecat is a digital workshop.
We build custom mobile and web apps

is founded

The iPhone came out so we wanted to start doing something with it. We bought an iMac and got our first customer on freelance website

4 people

iOS boutique

We started out as a niche development boutique focused on standalone iOS applications. During the first year, we built our portfolio and we were ready for our first website. Its type-centered design was recognized by Awwwards as a site of the day on December 30th, 2010

7 people


As the number of projects grew, we learned how to make them better. We defined our own best practices and processes. We updated the website to outline this approach and showcase the new portfolio. The new version was featured as a site of the day on Awwward

8 people

Full stack

For 6 years we did only iOS apps. In order to do more complicated projects we started doing backend work for iOS apps. We also started making Android apps. Over time, we started to make full-fledged web applications

12 people
mongo postgre node js swift java

our values

Polecat joined a venture-backed startup. We assembled a dedicated dev team and went through Techstars accelerator in LA. It was an important experience making a product as part of a team and owning the result. We realized we had to define our values to achieve the desired outcome. By articulating the values, we were able to move forward

12 people

Honesty and Consistensy

We are honest with ourselves and our peers. We are consistent in what we do and how we do it

Proficiency and Mastery

We seek to do our daily jobs in workmanlike manner while constantly improving our skillset


We are accountable for what you do. You are able to deliver and own the results


The time you spend on work isn't measured by quantity, but by quality. Everything can be done with 40 work hours per week

Focus on
dedicated teams

After our experience with Techstarts, we realized that we are good at building dedicated product teams and scaling them quickly. We also realized that we could only work with like-minded people who share our values

25 people


  • Made 3 dedicated software teams to work on our flagship projects PowerDot, Sol-X, TorGuard

  • PowerDot got acquired by Theregun for $34M. We've been working on the PowerDot software since its inception and continue till today

  • Released our first tiny product TadaBot