Improving one of the most popular VPN app

VPN services are among the top AppStore apps. With this said, there is a big competition between existing VPN services in the stores. Our goal was to get TorGuard app back to the competition.

Updating design and user experience

It’s a pain when you have to go through a sign-up or payment gateway before you can start using your VPN. With the new TorGuard iOS interface, you only have to press one button (the biggest one) to connect.

Adding new connectivity options

WireGuard protocol is one of most the most recent ones that was added to TorGuard iOS app. To help users avoid ads when browsing the web, the app supports Ad Block DNS.


To use TorGuard services, you have to purchase a subscription. iOS users can now do that directly from the app via Apple’s In-App Purchases. TorGuard also offers a 7-day trial on subscriptions exclusively on iOS.

Getting feedback from the users

With the new update, the app asks users to provide feedback on connection quality and report any problem they might run into. This proactive approach makes it possible to constantly improve the quality of the App and the overall TorGuard experience.

Apple/ios enthusiast, 01/26/2021

TorGuard works great!
Very secure, and very fast! From using OpenVpn protocols to Wireguard Torguard is flawless!

Nesloevets, 03/05/2021

Very nice update.
The latest version is great. The time to connect has decreased dramatically. Very nice GUI.

Updating TorGuard extensions

While working on the iOS app, we also redesigned TorGuard browser extensions to give them a consistent look.