Allow SOL-X team to scale faster

SOL-X needed to find high-quality engineers fast for their main technological stack – TypeScipt and React. With Singapore’s limited engineering resources, it wasn’t easy to allocate capable, qualified developers at short notice.

Fortunately, SOL-X realized they didn’t have to develop everything in-house to achieve their business goals. That’s when they came across Polecat.


Polecat brought 2 of the top TypeScript developers to Singapore for 1 month to work with the SOL-X team.

The collaboration worked so well that Polecat was instantly asked to allocate an additional developer along with a QA engineer.


SOL-X successfully released the first version of their product and is actively working on the second version.

Starting with just a few developers, Polecat scaled up to 8 engineers working closely with the SOL X in-house team.